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Fashion Colors SS 2020

By Marita Amanatidou | | 0 Comments

Pastel or neon colors? Spring Summer 2020 fashion amazes with a wide variety of shades. Here is our map to discover the shades of the season and some tips on how to combine them for a perfect outfit in line with the trends seen on the catwalk.


A bright note of blue stands out on the catwalks, stolen from nature: turquoise. You don't have to be wary, because this color gives everyone and is perfect for the warmer seasons, it tastes like summer and cool. Try to combine turquoise with rust, cinnamon brown (we will see it below) and mustard.

Neon lime
Pure energy, bright and bright colors that remind us of that highlighter used on school books. Pink, light blue, orange, yellow or green, all these variants are in fashion for summer 2020 but a bright color tip stands out among the others: it is neon lime. To try.

Brown ... cinnamon stick

A warm and enveloping shade that has nothing to envy to black. Try it with the flag green or in the evening looks with a precious silver body.

Light yellow of Naples

A precise note of yellow which turns out to be delicate and not too intrusive. This is why it is well suited to different fashion outfits: from the crochet dress to the suit. Wear the "light yellow of Naples" with white, to enhance its shine.



Fuchsia ... hydrangea

One of the most intense shades of fuchsia that now appears on clothes rich in ruffles and ruffles. It is the color to choose for the evening, to amaze.




Pink beauty-blush

It is that touch of delicate rose that is used to give on the cheeks to define the make-up. Wear it this summer in the form of very light clothes and combine it with warm shades such as orange, yellow (light Naples) and leather.



Lavender lilac

A nuance that brings us back to the magnificent Jacquemus parade, immersed in the fragrant lavender fields. A delicate nuance that moves away from the sweetness of candy pink, to be worn also with greens and beige.



Light blue, sugar paper

The name of this color, between gray and blue, comes from the shade of the paper that was used to pack sugar and sweets. A neutral shade that can be used like denim, therefore on all and for all occasions.




By Marita Amanatidou