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Homemade Naan Bread Recipe

By Marita Amanatidou | | 0 Comments

How to Make Homemade Naan Bread

Have you ever had naan at a restaurant? Indian food is not Indian food without naan (at least in my book). It is the most delicious buttery flatbread you will ever eat. Honestly if it was the only thing they served at Indian restaurants I would still go. It’s that good. (There were no Indian restaurants in Shelby. Go figure.)

Naan bread is traditionally made in 900˚ Tandoori ovens, but I’m pretty sure you don’t have one of those. Neither do I, so our best bet is to use the stovetop. (I’ve tried doing it in the oven at 500˚ but get poor results every time).


yeast mixed into warm ingredients for naan bread

Start by warming up some milk and sour cream. Oops, did I just admit to using sour cream instead of yogurt?? Yikes. Now I’ve done it. But guys…I really like sour cream. I love the flavor. I love how thick and fatty it is. And I especially love that it is always hanging out in my fridge.

Yogurt is great too, and is definitely more traditional for naan. You can use either one you like with great results. But please buy full fat yogurt. I feel like it’s easier to find non-fat, for whatever reason. But why would we want to give up that gorgeous fat in our naan? So, bottom line: use full fat sour cream OR full fat yogurt, whatever you’ve got will work great. (If you want to be more authentic, use yogurt.)

ANYWAY. Now that we’re past all the sour cream yogurt debate. Add some yeast into your warm-but-not-hot milk mixture. Make sure it’s not too hot or it will kill your yeast! Add in a tablespoon of sugar, stir it up and wait five minutes to make sure it looks nice and bubbly.

Then crack in an egg, glug in some olive oil, and stir it up with some salt and flour. Knead for about 5 minutes. Let rise 1 hour.

naan bread dough in a bowl

Divide it up. You can shape it into 6 or 8 naans. I actually prefer to do 6 naans, and I roll them out to be a little thicker. Either way will work!

how to make homemade naan bread dough

If you have a cast iron pan, use that to cook your naan. They retain heat so well. If not, a heavy skillet will do. Cook it on medium or medium low until these bubbles show up:

naan bread rolled out and bubbling on a pan

Then flip and brown the other side. Brush with garlic butter and voila!


homemade naan bread rolled up

It’s so tender and pliable! Love it.


By Marita Amanatidou