Return / Withdrawal - Product Replacement - Order Cancellation

Although our product description is detailed and you can form a complete picture of the product, you may eventually find that it is not what you wanted or that you did not choose the right number.

In this case, mooi.gr enables you to return the product within five (5) days of receipt and replace it with another product of your choice or with the same number that suits you. If the other product or number you selected is not available, you will be credited for using it in any new order you wish. Also, there are NO changes to old collection clothes with new collections, ie those in the New Arrivals folder and clothes that have already been replaced, in lingerie, swimwear, earrings and cosmetics.

It is specified that the returned product must be in its original condition. In particular the returned product must not have been worn beyond testing, ironing, washing or undergoing any other cleaning process. Also any labels that come with the product should be present, just as you were when you received it.

In all the above cases all shipping costs (courier and bank charges) are borne by the customer, who will be responsible for the loss, destruction or deterioration of the returned products until they are received.

If you wish to cancel your order during the online ordering process, please contact us at info@mooi.gr If you wish to cancel your order during the online ordering process, you can click 'cancel' and the ordering process is automatically interrupted.

Note 1: Custom Size Product Returns are not accepted.

Note 2: Offers are non-refundable and non-refundable.

Note 3: The products in the "Offers" category do not change with the discount price.

In case you would like us to return the products you purchased, the address to which the products must be sent is:


tel. 6932725300

Limitations of Liability

MOOI does not guarantee any kind of availability of the products displayed on the web site, but it guarantees immediate and timely information to its customers about the unavailability of any of its purchased products. The transaction will only be considered completed after sending a written electronic confirmation. If it is impossible to execute an order, mooi.gr has the right to withdraw and not fulfill it, and if the price has already been collected, it will be refunded to your Bank Account.

The user / customer assumes any risk that may arise from accessing and using the website www.mooi.gr. Mooi.gr is not responsible for any damage to the user / client (positive or consequential), including but not limited to any direct, indirect, incidental, incidental or other damages that may arise from any access, use or inability to use the site, delay or failure to provide services or information from any third-party interference with products or services and / or information made available through it, including any damage caused by any transmission of the virus to the user's electronic equipment.

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